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Documents Layout and Prepress
For printing on paper or for transcription on electronic medias or on the Web, Verbaction creates document layouts in various formats such as:
  • Page Layout of documents for printing (InDesign, QuarkXPress);
  • Files for Web posting, CD-ROM and DVD;
  • PDF files in high or low resolution (with or without search capability) for screen or Web viewing, for CD-ROM or DVD transcription, for downloading from the Web and for local or press printing.
Verbaction masters classical and contemporary typographic rules and practises in both English and French languages and insures their application in your documents.
(See appendix Typography.)
Upon request, our PDF or layout files may be produced and certified as conforming to specific official standards such as ISO 15930-PDF/X, etc., as well as to any technical protocol that may be requested by your printer.
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