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We prize clients whose works bring us to broaden our comfort zone.
Our clients
The most senior amongst our associates have been practicing their professional activities for almost thirty years, serving a diversified and generally demanding clientele, that is most concerned with its corporate image.
Our clients are primarily from the financial and investment services sector (banks, investment dealers and investment management firms), from the science sector (government agencies and corporations, universities, research laboratories), from the energy sector, from the public sector (municipalities and regional agencies) and from commercial, business and industrial enterprises.
Some of our clients send us a constant flow of various works while others call upon us for periodical or special works. It is with the same enthusiasm and eagerness to satisfy that we greet each and all of our clients and we are grateful to them for the confidence they express by entrusting us with their works.
We are keenly aware of the need to preserve the confidentiality of our relations with our clients as well as the need to insure the security and confidentiality of our works, our communications and our archives. To this end, we have put in place various secured processing and archiving processes. Some of our clients have stringent requirements in this regard. If such is your case, we can discuss with you the implementation of any specific security protocol or measures to meet your specific requirements.
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