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At Verbaction, the art of fine typography is both a passion and a vocation that has characterize our works for over 25 years.
Our knowledge and practice of meticulous typography enable us to create elegant and distinctive documents for our clients. Additionally, we systematically process our layouts through sets of ortho-typographic rules appropriate to the document in order to insure it’s conformity, it’s quality and it’s appearance.
Works produced with such attention to typographical details delight those who are familiar with this level of quality. Surprisingly, even people who are non-initiated to arcane typographical practices, subliminally perceive a subtle but distinct pleasure in reading works endowed with such level of typographic refinement. This interesting phenomena provides an exceptional tool to predispose a reader to receive favorably the messages conveyed in your documents.
In recent years, more of our clients have come to discover the competitive advantage afforded through the simple adoption of higher typographical standards; they now demand that their most important documents be prepared with utmost typographical rigor.
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