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Our Values

Verbaction’s contributors are expected to share an affinity with the following precepts that constitute our Statement of Values.

At Verbaction: 

  • We endeavour to offer the best services that can reasonably be provided, at all times and to all our clients. 
  • We all love our work and dedicate ourselves to personal excellence and to the improvement of our competence.
  • We act in a way that fosters an environment of confidence and professional respect. 
  • We humbly acknowledge positive critics and remain attentive to preferences expressed by our clients. 
  • We promptly recognize and correct the unavoidable errors that may from time to time happen and unceasingly seek ways of minimizing their occurrence. 
  • We are acutely conscious that our long term success is linked to that of our clients and we are firmly resolved to contribute, to the full measure of our knowledge and resources, to the success of their efforts and initiatives. 
  • As autonomous professionals, it is our individual responsibility to make our training and vocational choices and to take the necessary measures to reach our personal goals. 
  • We only accept work to the extent that our knowledge and resources ensure that such work can be completed in a professional manner and will meet all reasonable expectations of our clients. 
  • The rates we charge for our work are based on a sensible balance between their intrinsic value, the costs incurred, currently prevailing professional rates, and just and fair retribution of our contributors.


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