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Confidentiality —

With a view to respect the right to confidentiality of this website’s visitors, Verbaction refrains from collecting any personnal data and does not use “cookies”. Occasionally, we may record the movements of visitors through the website, soly for usage analysis of the individual sections and components of the site. This process in no way compromises the online anonymity of our visitors since no personnal data are collected at any time.

Terms of Use —

You are welcome on this Verbaction website. In order to insure the functional integrity of this site and to provide a safe and peaceful access to it’s visitors, Verbaction may deny access to any visitor at any time, at it’s sole discretion.

Intellectual Property Rights —

The entire content of this website is protected under copyright, trademark and other intellectual and proprietary rights. Copy in any form of all or part of this website is prohibited.

Trademarks —

Various names, words, titles, sentences, logos, logotypes, drawings, charts, illustrations, icons, photographs etc. appearing on this site may be trademarks of Verbaction, Solmag Inc. or of third parties ; nothing in this site may be deemed as a grant of a licence or a right of use of any element appearing herein.

Links to other site —

This website may contain hyperlinks to third party sites, the use of which makes you quit this Verbaction website, with or without advance notice. These hyperlinks are provided soly for your convenience. The aforementioned third party sites are not under our control and the links leading to them shall not be deemed to be an approval or an endorsement of their content by Verbaction which hereby declines any and all responsibility with respect to them.
The above terms and the content of this website may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of Verbaction.
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